9 life lessons during my early years in the workforce

2 min readMay 19, 2022


a growing list

Waiting in the boardroom for my very first job interview post-graduation!

It’s been two years since I graduated post-secondary and joined the workforce. When I thought going to an intensive, 8-course per semester college was the most workload and pressure I could ever endure, there’s so much more out in the hustle bustle world. But not for nothing; for great impact and growth.

Reflecting on the last, intense couple years of kickstarting my career, here are the list of life lessons that I hope will serve many young starters like myself.

I will write a short journal entry for every one of these, so stay tuned!

1. Age does NOT matter.

2. Learning to appreciate feedback can get you far.

3. If you learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, your progress can grow exponentially.

4. Your daily habits in/out of work can affect your performance at work.

5. It’s not faking it ’til you make it that helps you make it; it’s admitting what you know and don’t know.

6. Showing willingness to learn can be more powerful than appearing to know everything.

7. Being professional doesn’t mean sacrificing being human.

8. Being passionate at what you do motivates you to give your best, but it can also exhaust you if you’re not careful.

9. You will change.




Sharing experiences and life lessons for fellow 20somethings. Writing what I want to remind myself later ✍️